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November 19, 2012
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When you make that recommended six month 'cleaning' appointment, are you having just a cleaning ? Often times, I encounter new patients or those who have not been to the office for some time and they state their desires. These often include, " I just came for a cleaning, that's it". When we see patients at these check up appointments, aside from cleaning your teeth, x rays are taken ( 1 x year) in order to diagnose any pathology that cannot be detected by looking in the mouth and the doctor examines these x rays and the teeth for any possible restorative needs that can save individuals from future dental pain or more extensive treatment. For example, when decay is detected in a mouth that is examined at least twice per year, it most likely can be resolved with filling material. If left untreated, decay will become more extensive and require treatment beyond a simple filling. Now we talk about the dreaded root canals, which many folks opt out of and go for what sounds like being less invasive and request an extraction. True, we can replace every tooth in your mouth but it is always easier to work with what we were given naturally. The next time you visit your dental office and think of the visit as for "just a cleaning", consider the benefits of the entire check up and the future discomfort you can save yourself. Ciao for now .....